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What is Insieme Consulting?

Insieme Consulting helps couples, families, individuals and even companies optimize relationships of all types. Our unique strategy provides a mix of services that are based on the therapeutic techniques found in human services and combines them with the results-oriented coaching and leaderships skills derived from the professional services field. This specific meld of tools enables Insieme to provide a one-of-a-kind service line.

Insieme Consulting is led by experienced therapist and consultant, Crystal Rice, who has worked as a therapist, at senior levels in a corporate environment and as a coach. She is skilled in delivering practical relationship programs and strategies which build on strengths, resolves issues and generates value (whether financially or emotionally) and rapport. In addition to a Master of Social Work degree and licensing as a graduate social worker (LGSW), Crystal is certified in Advanced Trauma Treatment and has earned the PMP certification for her work in project and program management.

About Crystal

I am a long term mediator who enjoys bringing mindfulness practices into my work. Because I realize that every client and situation is different, I try to tailor my services to address the issues and style of the individual client, couple, family, or workplace. I am active and motivating, yet respectful of clients’ needs to feel fully understood and not to receive a one-size-fits-all intervention. My goal is to create a compassionate and supportive relationship to facilitate the changes that you wish to make

My Approach

My approach is simple. I form deep relationships with clients, creating an atmosphere of trust, collaboration and the possibility of change. I work in the context of your life, not just in the vacuum of an office, and spend time understanding as much as I can about you so that everything I do is grounded in reality. I push hard and demand a lot, and for some people that might feel challenging. But in this way I can help to quickly convert new insights into action.

I believe in working with people’s strengths and I will offer feedback, observations and ideas, and also address unhelpful behaviors or patterns. I am honest, compassionate and have a good sense of humor, and those that work with me find that they can reach their relationship potential more quickly with me than with other methods they have tried.​

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